Poliomyelitis Research Foundation


Research Grant

Closing Date: 28 February Of Each Year

Please note the following:

  • The PRF works to improve the health of the nation by supporting research into VIROLOGY.
  • Research grants are awarded to established researchers who have a track record of independent innovative research supported by a significant publication record.
  • This grant will only be awarded to applicants in possession of at least a PhD or equivalent degree.
  • The PRF must be acknowledged in all publications arising from a proposal funded by the PRF.
  • The deadlines for submission of applications must strictly be adhered to. Applications must arrive at the NICD on or before the deadline date. No late applications will be  considered
  • Ensure that ALL sections of the form are completed and ALL requested information is attached.
  • After completion of your PhD a Final Bursary Form MUST be submitted and can be downloaded from here. Please send the completed form to prf@nicd.ac.za
Research Grants Application Signatory Form

Please download the Grants Application Signatory form below and re-upload it in the relevant field in your application form after signing.

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General Information
Relevant Work Experience To Date
Relevant Work Experience To Date
Name Of Employer/InstitutionCapacity And Type Of WorkPeriod
Project Information

This section should include information relating to: 

  • The Purpose of the research
  • The importance of the research
  • The background and feasibility of your project
  • A brief description of relevant information, the target population, hypotheses, and methodology
  • A brief description of methodology and expected results
  • A description of the contributions your research will make to the field of knowledge and health outcomes
Title Of Project
Short Project Description
Scope Of The Project For Which A Grant Is Requested (Proposed Research Programme And Plan Of Approach)

Brief review of published literature (max 20 references)

As a general rule, citations older than 10 years should not be used unless they are absolutely necessary in making the case for the proposed study or, if they are seminal works that should not be omitted. 

Details Of Research Team
Note: Please attach a SHORT CV of supervisor and Senior Members of the Research Team at the bottom of this application
Details Of Research Team
NameQualificationsRoleTime Devoted To Program
Capacity Building
What Capacity Building Will Derive From This Project:Student(s) Info
NameDegreeFunding Body
PRF Bursary Application Linked To This Application:Student(s) Info
Budget Details
Budget DetailsPlease ensure that unit costs and number of units are specified
Consumable MaterialsNumber Of UnitsUnit CostYear 1 Year 2Year 3
Declaration Of Research Funding
Details of all other research funding received at present
Name Of OrganistationProject Title(Short)AmountDurationRole In ProjectTime Spent On Project
NB: Any ommision or misrepresentation in this section could jeopardize this and future funding
Apart from your university/institution, are any other institutions concerned with the provision of facilities (which may include clinical material) neccessary for this research project? If yes, complete the table below
Name of University/InstitutionFacilities required/provided
Ethics Committee Certificate
NB: Your application will not be considered unless relevant ethics approval has been accepted.
Choose between Human And Animal for their relevant dropdown fields.
Checklist: Please Complete / Attach