Poliomyelitis Research Foundation



Major Impact Project (MIP) Application

Closing Date: 28 February Of Each Year

Please note the following:

  • The PRF works to improve the health of the nation by supporting research into VIROLOGY.
  • Research grants are awarded to established researchers who have a track record of independent innovative research supported by a significant publication record.
  • This grant will only be awarded to applicants in possession of at least a PhD or equivalent degree.
  • The funding ceiling is R500 000 per annum for 3 years. A small number of Major Impact grants will be awarded each year for outstanding grant applications which have high impact value. Full and detailed motivation will be required as well as information proving the merit and high impact of the project.
  • The PRF must be acknowledged in all publications arising from a proposal funded by the PRF.
  • The deadlines for submission of applications must strictly be adhered to. Applications must arrive at the NICD on or before the deadline date. No late applications will be  considered
  • Ensure that ALL sections of the form are completed and ALL requested information is attached.
  • After completion of your Major Impact Project (MIP) a Final Report Form MUST be submitted and can be downloaded from here. Please send the completed form to prf@nicd.ac.za
Grants Application Signatory Form

Please download the Grants Application Signatory form below and re-upload it in the relevant field in your application form after signing.