Poliomyelitis Research Foundation



James Gear International Fellowship Application

Closing Date: 28 February And 15 September Of Each Year

Please note the following:

  • The award, which is at present R 350,000 + flight (one year only), is for outstanding candidates to enable them to develop their research careers in overseas academic institutions. 
  • The fellowship is a prestige award made only to those eminently well qualified to receive it. 
  • Those eligible for the award are postgraduates with at least a medical degree or degree in veterinary sciences or a doctorate in the sciences or equivalents. 
  • Potential applicants may need to be interviewed by members of the Scientific Advisory Panel. 
  • Fellows will be required to give an undertaking to return to South Africa for at least 3 years upon completion of their research project internationally. 
  • Preference will be given to South African citizens or individuals with permanent resident status. 
  • The deadlines for submission of applications must strictly be adhered to. Applications must arrive at the NICD on or before the deadline date.  No late applications will be considered. 
  • Ensure that all sections of the form are completed and all requested documents uploaded before submission.
  • On return to South Africa, the applicant can apply for an amount of R 250,000 for a 1-year post-fellowship research grant at an approved South African Institution.
  • After completion of your James Gear International Fellowship Grant, a Final Report Form MUST be submitted and can be downloaded from here. Please send the completed form to prf@nicd.ac.za
James Gear International Fellowship Application Signatory Form

Please download the Grants Application Signatory form below and re-upload it in the relevant field in your application form after signing.