The PRF has disbursed a total of R 144,008,599.81 in research funds from 1977 to 2016, as follow:

  1. Major Impact Projects: 27 grants totalling R 10,925,120.00
  2. Research: 1106 grants totalling R 64,101,214.00
  3. Travel: 277 grants totalling R 3,170,406.00
  4. Bursaries: 1291 grants totalling R 44,799,900.00
  5. Post-doc Fellowship: 32 grants totalling R 5,070,000.00
  6. James Gear International Fellowship: 18 grants totalling R 2,365,168.00
  7. Other (PRF Training Centre, Conference attendance etc): Totalling R 13,576,791.81

The relative distribution of these grants is shown graphically in figure 1.
Some eleven universities and institutes, conducting research in virology, received funds from the foundation as shown in figure 2.
The distribution of research funds according to fields of virological research is shown in figure 3.

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